Minnesota’s Officially Named Highways

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These are the officially named highways in Minnesota, per Minnesota Statutes 161.14 Names and Designations of Certain Highways. Originally Mn/DOT was required to erect signs to mark these highways, in later years despite the statute they required funds for the erection and maintenance of the signs to come from local sources, and the law was finally amended to codify that. Generally the markers are white text on a green sign unless the highway is also a scenic byway; many of the older ones are unmarked as even the locals can’t remember who the person it was names after was, much less have the initiative to pay for signs.

Capital Highway

Colville Memorial Highway

Floyd B Olson Memorial Highway

Floyd B. Olson Memorial Highway Sign

Theodore Christenson Drive

P.H McGarry Memorial Drive

Veterans Evergreen Memorial Drive (Also a Scenic Byway)

Veteran's Evergreen Memorial Scenic Drive Sign

Yellowstone Trail

Sioux Trail

Arthur V Rowheder Highway

Hiawatha Pioneer Trail A marker you’d never mind in today’s politically correct climate, the Hiawatha Pioneer Trail was a 1960s effort to promote tourism by the American Petroleum institute (yes, really, if you’re driving around you’re buying more of their fine products). It meandered all over Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Not surprisingly people didn’t want to drive aimlessly over what is primarily boring farm country, and it never really was a success. This sign at US 10 and 61 and an almost illegible one on west 7th were the last ones I’ve spotted in Minnesota; they’ve lasted a bit longer in Iowa.

Hiawath Pioneer Trial Sign

Blue Star Memorial Highway

John A Johnson Memorial Highway

Glacial Ridge Trail (Also a Scenic Byway)

Glacial Ridge Trail Sign

Eisenhower Memorial Bridge

Hiawatha-Appleblossom Scenic Drive

Hiawatha-Appleblossom Scenic Drive Sign

Voyageur Highway

Voyageurs Highway Sign

Viking Trail

Viking Trail Sign

(Bad Picture)

Veterans Memorial Bridge

George Mann Memorial Highway

Olof Hanson Drive

Olof Hanson Drive

American Veterans Memorial Highway

American Veterans Memorial Highway Sign

Moberg Trail

Paul Bunyan Expressway

Disabled American Veterans Highway and Rest Area

BE Grottum Memorial Highway

B.E. Grottum Memorial Highway Sign

Wally Nelson Highway

Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Highway

Minnesota Veterans Memorial Highway

Bridge of Hope Named in the hope that Jacob Wetterling would be found. Also the first to be specified that local funds needed to be the funding source for the signs

Bridge of Hope Sign

Betty Adkins Bridge

POW / MIA Memorial Highway

POW / MIA Memorial Highway Sign

Veterans Memorial Highway (I)

Veteran's Memorial Highway Sign

Amish Buggy Byway

Czech Heritage Highway

Czech Heritage Highway

Victory Drive

Veterans Memorial Highway (II)

Dale Wayrynen Memorial Highway

Augie Mueller Memorial Highway

Augie Mueller Memorial Highway Sign

Don Rickers Memorial Highway


Ruby L. Hughes Blvd

State Trooper Timothy J. Bowe Memorial Highway

Otter Tail Veterans Memorial Drive

C. Elmer Anderson Memorial Highway

C Elmer Anderson Memorial Highway

34th Infantry (Red Bull) Division Highway

Red Bull Highway Sign

Richard J. Mathiowetz Memorial Highway

Old St. Anne’s Pass

State Trooper Theodore “Ted” Foss Memorial Highway

King of Trails

King of Trails HIghway Sign

Bradley Waage “Brainerd Brad” Memorial Bridge

Veterans Memorial Bridge

Purple Heart Memorial Highway

Purple Heart Memorial Highway Sign

Biauswah Bridge

POW / MIA Memorial Highway (II)

Shawn Silvera Memorial Highway

Purple Heart Trail

Purple Heart Trail Sign

Dallas Sams Memorial Highway

Walter F. Mondale Drive

Jim Oberstar Causeway

Mayor William “Bill” Sandberg Memorial Bridge

Clearwater County Veterans Memorial Highway

Speaker Irvin M. Anderson Memorial Highway

Corporal Jonathan Benson Memorial Highway

Veterans Memorial Bridge

Veterans Memorial Highway (III)

Becker County Veterans Memorial Highway

Granite City Crossing

Veterans Memorial Highway

Black and Yellow Trail

Black and Yellow Trail Sign

Ariane Celeste Macnamara Memorial Bridge

Deputy John W. Liebenstein Memorial Highway

Officer Tom Decker Memorial Highway

Officer Richard Crittenden, Sr Memorial Highway

Nicholas Patrick Spehar Memorial Highway

Michael Duane Clickner Memorial Bridge

Old Cedar Avenue Bridge

Trooper Glen Skalman Memorial Highway

Sergeant Joseph Bergeron Memorial Highway

Officer Scott Patrick Memorial Highway

Patrol Officer Michael Alan Hogan Memorial Highway

Staff Sergeant Kevin Witte Memorial Highway

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